Makeup Revolution Renaissance Flick Liner Review

Stop what you are doing, there is a revolutionary liner on the market & the world is shook.

Makeup Revolution had been teasing the Renaissance Flick Liner through their team of influencers for a while now, we first saw @SophDoesNails tease us with it now all the PR packages have hit all our favourite influencers and we needed to try all the rose gold goodness immediately.

Renaissance Flick Liner £5

Fulfilling our insta-worthy rose gold dreams the Renaissance Flick Liner retails for £5 on Revolution Beauty, Superdrug & Ulta. The Revolution Beauty Renaissance Flick is the liner that is going to create a wing sharp enough to cut your enemies souls in half. We are digging this new rose gold look that Makeup Revolution are incorporating into their new releases & especially with how sleek this pen looks! This appears to be a blacker than black felt tip liner & we mean the pigmentation on this looks on point. The initial swatches of this appears blacker than black but so smooth. We have high expectations of it taking the world by storm.

Could this be the liner that takes over the drugstore?


My biggest request when I do clients makeup is a jet black sharp wing & of course I need my products & my looks to deliver and If I can get that for £5 then I want it by the bucket load. So I have been playing with this for a few days now & I am ready to share my experiences with you.

Now I will be first to admit I hate liner & it takes alot to make me think different. I have hooded eyes so the second I apply liner that is all you see. HOWEVER...This tip of this liner is better than my trusty angled brush. You can create a wing so thin & precise that it looks like angels have blessed your face themselves.

The application of this is so smooth and easy that it takes less than 30 seconds to do both of my eyes, Literally with one swoop its done! Its foolproof.

If you are a newbie to liner or just plain struggle then this is for you. It doesn't wear or bleed & lasts until you take it off ( 18+hours) & it's potentially the only felt liner you will catch in my makeup bag.

Thank you so much for reading this post! I hope you love my thoughts on then renaissance flick liner. If you test them out tag me on Instagram @jadeallesse or use the #beautybasicsblog I love seeing you trying out my looks and recommendations!

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