My 5 Favorite Glow Products

So Summer is almost here that means luminous, glowy and sunkissed vibes will be in the air.

This summer I want us to all look radiant and goddess like without looking like an oil slick just came and slapped you in the face.

Here are 5 products that I use in my routine to make me glow in summer, Im going to tell you where you should be using them and why!

Iconic London Prep.Set.Glow £18.50

So incase you hadn't heard Iconic London broke the internet with their latest launch, meet Prep.Set.Glow. She is a hydrating and moisturising, prep and set glow spray ( mouthful ) but she is a divine goddess in a bottle.

This is fool proof, you can use it on bare skin for a natural glow, you can use it on top of makeup to add radiance and you can use it all over your body for an all over lustrous radiance. It is everything you need to look like JLo in a bottle.

I ordered this when it first launched and have used a full bottle already, I am hardcore obsessed with this spray because it adds a dewy glow without looking oily. You cannot go wrong with this, just spritz all over and you are good to go.

Garnier Gradual Tan Moisturiser £5.49

There is nothing that terrify's me more than fake tan, I have never found an instant tan that is easy enough for me to not mess up. This Garnier Moisturiser very gradually builds up a summer glow in the most soft and gorgeous way. I lather my body in it like a normal moisturiser and leave it to air dry and I am good to go. You don't have to worry about streaks or lines because over the course of the few days of using it you cover everywhere & as it develops it evens itself out. It smells gorgeous & is cheap too which is a must in a moisturiser for me.

Iconic London Illuminator Drops £30

I always swore that nothing could stop me using my trusty Makeup Revolution Champagne Drops until I tried these. I do not know what our muse & SHE-E-O goals Jade Elliot put into this formula but I want to bathe in it. The glow from such a tiny drop of these is so surreal.

Highlighter drops can often be daunting but they are my secret weapon to looking airbrushed.

I put 2 drops into my moisturizer or foundation. After my foundation application I put a few drops on the back of my hand and use my Beauty sponge to gently blend it into my cheek bones, just above my eyebrow and my chin. This adds dimension to your face in a subtle but glowy way.

Tip: Add a few drops into some moisturiser and put all over your shoulders, collar bone and chest for that extra pop of luminosity.

Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb £16

Rih Rih Blew the beauty community up with the Fenty Beauty launch, I never got on the hype because she brought out lots of mattifying products and I hate feeling matte or dry.

HOWEVER, I got the gloss bomb as an impulse buy at Sephora ( I was £15 away from hitting VIB and in a huge panic mode) and I am honestly so glad I picked this up. It is the only non sticky gloss I have ever used. The color makes my lips look sooooo juicy and I could honestly just pop some of this on and go spend the day at beach. I also love how this was designed to flatter every single skin colour, tone and complexion. I just live for it. It smells and tastes great and looks even better.

PSSST. Rumor has it that Rihanna is bringing more gloss bomb shades this summer too!

Tatcha Dewy Skin Mist £35

Before any of you come for me, yes I know I preach affordable beauty and this well..definitely is not. I cannot replace or find a dupe for this product anywhere the closest I have got is the Iconic Prep Set Glow.

I Longed for this skin mist from the day I saw Tati Westbrook rave about it. I pushed and pushed away from buying anything from Tatcha purely for the price point but there is something about their products that changes my skin.

I have raved about this dewy skin mist before & I have gone through 3 bottles of it this year alone. I am hooked. It is super luxury but it's is worth the price point if you have the money to spare.

You do have to be careful with this product though because you can over do it and look like you have dipped your head in a fryer. A little goes a long way, two sprays and you look like you have just had a facial. I have never experienced a glow like it. Although the Iconic Spray is pretty damn close. I either use this on a total bare face for days I don't want to wear makeup but don't want to look like death or I use it as a setting spray.

A drugstore alternative to this is the E.L.F Dewy Setting Spray $8 which emulates this glow & still leaves you change in your pocket after!

Thank you so much for reading this post! I hope you love glow favourites as much as I do. If you test them out tag me on Instagram @jadeallesse or use the #beautybasicsblog I love seeing you trying out my looks and recommendations!

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