Beauty Lessons My Momma Taught Me

So you all love when Momma Dean makes appearances on my Instagram, well today I am going to share with you some of her beauty secrets. Her skin looks absolutely fabulous and she has always taught me her little hacks along the way which have saved my skin on multiple occasions.

So here are the beauty lessons Momma has taught me.

Baby Lotion as Makeup Remover

Momma Dean always screams the importance of taking your makeup off properly every single night, no matter what. No excuses.

I am always whirlwhinding my way through bottles and bottles of expensive cleansers until she taught me that she uses baby lotion on a cotton pad to remove her makeup.

Using baby lotion not only takes your makeup off but it isn't harsh on the skin and leaves it feeling silky smooth. I always make sure I have a bottle of this to hand as its so inexpensive. It also takes off waterproof mascara too so It has my approval.

Add a Few Drops of Baby Oil into your Bath

This is honestly the secret to silky smooth skin. Without loading your body with unneeded chemical filled creams and lotions. Momma has always taught me the importance of not overloading your skin with things that you don't need ( although sometimes I am guilty of doing so)

A few drops of baby oil not only adds a radiance to your skin but also helps to maintain and lock in moisture.

Tip: Use this whilst shaving your legs ( thank me later )

Use Face Cream like Its your Religion

There's a reason why Momma Dean doesn't look a day over 30 and that's because she uses face cream like its her medicine. Every morning & night she uses it without fail & she always tells me I will thank her as I get older.

Tip: Take your face cream down your neck and on the back of your hands.

Her two favourites are :

Estee Lauder Day Wear £45

Olay Regenerist 3 Point Day Cream £20.99

Don't Over Complicate Your Routine

This is what I get told off for the most, for always changing my routines and skincare.

Unfortunately as a blogger I get sent stuff to test and review so not changing my routine isn't an option for me. However, Momma always says that the most basic of routines are the most effective because your face isn't relying on a million different chemicals to look good.

She always says that a gentle soap and water beats chemical pact cleansers that strip your face of its natural good and if I am honest, when I strip my skincare back to the bare basics I see a difference!

Less is more

Makeup is supposed to enhance your glow not hide your face. I am forever hearing "your 5 minute face looks better than your 2 hour face" and I know shes right but will I ever listen?

The thing with makeup is, if your skin doesn't need it then don't use it. You do not need a 50 step makeup routine to look good & you do not need a face full of makeup to be beautiful.

Give your skin a break

Now you might remember me saying this before, but It comes from one of Momma Deans sayings.

Always give your skin a rest.

I try to at least have 2/3 days a week where I do not put any products on my face just my basic skincare. You have to let your skin breath. Momma recommends having a whole week every so often to just let your skin rest.

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