How To Dye your Hair like a Professional at Home

Not all of us have £50+ or half a day to sit in a salon to get those perfect locks and why should we?! I am here to tell you my tips and tricks on how to look like you have just stepped out of the salon when in reality you haven't left your bathroom.

1. Don't Pick ANY box dye up from the store.

Always look for a hair dye that is going to condition your hair as it colours you want to nourish and protect your hair as much as you possibly can during dying time. I use & recommend using Clairol Nice & Easy Permanent Hair Colour as it is one of the lesser damaging dyes on the market. It also has highlights infused within the dye so it never makes your colour look flat.

2. Be Realistic with the Colour

If you have Jet Black Hair, Putting a Blonde Dye on realistically won't do anything apart from turn you bright orange if anything. Superdrug have an amazing help page on how to pick a hair colour that suits you. It discusses what undertones to choose and which colour will work well and compliment your skin tone.

& ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS do a strand test so you know how the dye reacts with your hair.

3. Greasy Hair

Colour holds better to dirty hair, I recommend your day 3 hair as the best time to dye it. Clean hair can often be too slippery for the dye to grip onto. Also you risk burning your scalp if you have washed away the scalps natural oil barrier.

4. Wear something you don't mind ruining

As you can see dying at home can be a messy process. Unless you have a hairdressing cape to hand I recommend wearing something you don't mind getting hair dye all over because brushing it through once you have applied it all is KEY but is such a messy process.

5. Section your hair

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First you are going to put either Vaseline or Lip balm around the front of your scalp line to protect you looking crazy with dyed skin for a few days.

I call this the space bun section, This is the easiest way I have found to get all my hair covered. You cover all the partings & roots starting with the front two sections as this will need more processing time and then gently massage it into the roots.

Imaging you are using a hair mask and you need to cover every single strand, that's what you are going to do with the hair dye thoroughly covering every single piece.

6. Always buy more than you need.

I have medium length hair and if I need to I can dye the whole of it with one bottle. However I always buy 2 bottles because the more dye on your head the lesser chance of missing somewhere and having patches.

Also if you want a natural more highlighted effect then you need to have it saturated because once its all covered you will need to brush it through fully with a hairbrush and then leave it to process. By gently brushing all the dye through your hair it distributes the product through the full length & adds a little highlight effect.

7. Massage

10/15 Minutes before you need to wash the dye in put your gloves back on and massage your head. This gives the colour that little boost before you rinse it off.

8. Deep Condition After

The conditioner that they provide you with the dye is no joke, its super super nourishing It says leave it on for 2 minutes but I leave it on for at least 10. This makes your hair super glossy just like you've have been at a salon.

I always give myself a mini - blow out after too so that It looks the part. (if you want a video on how I blow my hair out then let me know! )

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