Viral Beauty Products Actually Worth The Money

There is nothing worse than seeing a 'viral', over hyped product for it actually to be a huge fail. I have spent my fair share of time and money on products that influencers have been paid to talk about but is actually a load of rubbish.

I am here to share with you cult beauty products that are actually good and worth your hard earned coinsssss.

1. Bioderma £10.80

Micellar waters are without a doubt the most cult beauty staple of the past 5 years and Bioderma is where it began. If you didn't know Bioderma Sensibo Micellar Water is a alcohol-free, paraben free multi purpose cleanser, it removes your makeup with 0 effort whatsoever & what is even better is that there is no rinsing involved. Making it the perfect staple for travelling.

I first discovered Bioderma in France, where I have to add is a fraction of the cost to what it is in the UK. It is £10.80 here and around €5 over there. I always bulk buy when I go to Paris because you know how I love a good saving.

Bioderma Sensibo is the only micellar water I have tried that doesn't irritate or change the balance of my skin, Making it my most trusted part of my makeup kit. I have just discovered they have a hydrating range designed for dry skin so when I go back to France in a few weeks I am going to do a mini haul!

2. Cetaphil Moisturising Lotion £8.24

The Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion was actually recommended to me whilst I was in Vegas, Las Vegas dries the hell out of my skin because its in the middle of a desert, My skin was dry and I needed a miracle. I had seen this moisturizer get hyped up so much on youtube but it never crossed my mind to buy it.


I used this lotion whenever my skin is acting up because for some reason my skin hardcore loves this, It is suitable for every single skin type and is one of those moisturizers I am never without. I go through bottles of this stuff and I am now part of the hype. It is non-comodegenic so it will not clog your pores, its lightweight & I use this pretty much everywhere.

It is highly recommended for people with skin issues as it helps the skin to lock in and maintain moisture and it is one of those 'clean' no junk formulas which i LOVE because you know you aren't going to harm your skin by using it. There is just something about this cream that no others do. I have a small trial sized one in my handbag to double up as a hand cream because its non greasy and absorbs so fast. They also do a hugely raved about cleanser too, which I haven't got round to trying but if it is anything like this it will be amazing for sure.

3. Mario Badescu Rose Water £12

This spray is revival in a bottle. I use it for makeup prep, makeup setting, skincare the works. When I saw Desi Perkins use this I Immediately hauled half of Mario Badescu's range because she is queen. I knew after first use that I was obsessed with spray, its affordable, it smells great and is so multi purpose you will find yourself using it for everything.

4. NYX Honey Dew Me Up Primer £15

I was lucky enough to get this primer before I released and went viral in the UK so I have been testing it for a while now. I have managed to work my way through a whole bottle of this stuff and I have to admit I love this a little too much.

It is slightly tacky so your makeup sticks to it all damn day, its hydrating but doubles up as skincare due to the antiseptic properties of honey and the gold flakes infused and you know how I feel about multi-tasking beauty products.

When I apply this my skin feels firm and plumped I am so besotted with it that I am 100% going to repurchase this by the gallon.

5. Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define £4

Without a doubt the best concealers the drug store has seen in a long time, this concealer can cover eye bags, pigmentation, acne, bad decisions, the night before, haters and much much more.

If you haven't heard of the Makeup Revolution conceal and Define I am pre-warning you this will spice up your entire life. It is a full coverage, creamy natural finish formula that doesn't crease cake or play you in any way and its only £4!

My problem is this is that I go through it way too fast so I am praying they bring out a bigger tube size so that I am not constantly running back and forth to superdrug for more tubes ( if they are in stock cause they are so popular )

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