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Hello Lovelies.. I know you might be shook to get two posts in one day but I couldn't help myself when I saw this launch!

Revolution Pro Hair.. Yes you heard it correctly.

Now you know how I love to dye my own hair at home & pride myself on being boujee on a budget so the thought of being able to change my hair color without breaking the bank is my kind of thing.

Revolution Pro Vegan Hair Colour Remover £9.99

So about an hour ago my little Instagram notifications told me Revolution Pro had uploaded and boy was I shocked to see that it was a hair colour remover promo video. By the looks of it, this remover has the power to take away all those bad mistakes, those late night wine fuelled dye jobs, that hot pink you thought would look 'lit'. This remover is here to save your day and at £9.99 your bank balance too.

I have paid into the hundreds to go and get my hair fixed at salons so you better believe I am going to need a stockpile of this as I change my hair colour every 5 minutes.

Now if you research your history into Revolution Beauty or you have been watching them on a business point of view from day 1, you will know that they have dabbled in hair care before and been very successful in the process, Colour B4 being their prime example. Although it looks like they have tweaked the formula slightly between the two brands; I can without a doubt say that Revolution Beauty will be fulfilling my face, skincare and hair needs all under one roof.

Will you be buying Revolution Pro's Haircare line? Let me Know in The comments.

Shop Revolution Pro Here

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