Bad Gal Bang Mascara - Worth the Hype?

So, ladies and gents, who else has seen all the hype about the new (ish) 'BAD GAL BANG' mascara and has been DYING to have that false lash affect without having to go through the effort and hassle of putting on a false lash? I know I certainly have.

After seeing youtubers raving about how amazing this product is I decided I had to have it and see for myself!

I am always so careful about paid reviews from youtubers or ones that have been to the launch of products just incase they're lying to their audience in fear of being taken off the PR list, but here on Beauty Basics we aren't scared of being honest.

So, for £21.50 (I know, it's alot) I went and got my hands on it.

Benefit Cosmetics Bad Gal Bang Mascara £21.50

The Bad Gal Bang mascara is promised to be out of this world hence the whole astronaut launch theme. With claims of dramatic volume I had high expectations from this mascara.


I am not too impressed. The packaging is lovely and feels heavy so it does feel like a luxury product however the actual product inside I am not too impressed with. Now don't get me wrong, it adds the length it claims to however it is really clumpy and unless you like your lashes to look clumpy (almost like you only have 3 lashes) then it won't be the mascara for you. I find it applies better if you already have a coat of a different mascara on underneath and use the 'bad gal bang' mascara on top which is annoying as for £21.50 you'd expect it to look flawless on its on!

I feel this is a product you could live without which is sad considering the hype of the product and the fact I usually love benefits products but to me this was just a big hype without a big payoff.

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