Travel Beauty Essentials for Makeup Addicts

There's nothing worse than travelling when you are a full on beauty hoarder, it's like the hunger games in your makeup space when you have to whittle down your products to travel. Well panic over because I am going to share with you my top travel beauty essentials that I will be taking on my holidays this year.

I won't lie to you and tell you that I can travel light easily but I have managed to whittle it down to 1 large makeup bag containing all my skincare and makeup. I like to have a full face of glam on hand but nobody ever has the space to pack a full glam room when they travel.

1. Tartan + Twine Clear Train Case $12

I have a slight obsession with Tartan + Twine Basics Makeup Storage because its all clear, 99% of my makeup is organised into their clutch bags and I always stock up whenever I go to ULTA in the USA because that's the only place I think you can get them.

Clear makeup storage when I am travelling is a must for airports and generally being able to see what I have with me.

2. Makeup Removal

Keeping my makeup removal simple on holiday is a must.

You don't want to break out but you also don't have the time or space for a 50 step cleansing routine. I have whittled it down to 2 items which can give me a good cleanse but without the baggage.

Both from Bioderma because their sensibo range is gentle enough for my dry skin but can break through layers of makeup and sun cream

( I really should be using their hydrabio range for my skin but I have already brought my body weight in sensibo products )

3. Skincare

Again Minimalism on Holiday is Key. I always adapt my skincare to the time of year, but as its summer and the only places I am going to are hot, I travel with lightweight products.

The Cetaphil UK team sent me over some sample sizes of their range and I already love and swear by their moisturising lotion so you can imagine their cleanser is something the gods have blessed the drugstore with. You can pick up their sample sizes for a few pounds at Boots so It doesn't break the bank for great skincare this year.

I currently do not have an eye cream good enough to recommend because none are wowing me at the minute however I will also pack one to take with me as long as it contains hyaluronic acid or vitamin c I am not fussy.

4. Makeup

As much as I try not to wear makeup on a vacay there are date nights where I don't want to look like a total potato so I always pack a glam station with me. Every product I take has to either be multi purpose or bloody damn good to be in my holiday bag because I need room for clothes and handbags in my case rather than 50 million beauty products.

This primer combo will make your makeup last until 2030. The too faced Hangover primer is one of my favourites but is too damn expensive for me to use everyday but their primer spray comes in a mini size that I can justify. The NYX primer you have heard me preach about on multiple occasions, I have just restocked this so it will come with me on holiday.

Revolution Pro Foundation Drops and the Age Rewind concealer blended together have the most natural radiant finish they are both lightweight so they are bearable in hot weather and last like a dream in all climates.

Iconic London aren't called iconic for no reason, their Illuminator drops are something else entirely. They get mixed into everything in my routine, moisturiser, foundation, my morning tea you name it I want the extra glow. If they can't see me from space then there is no point right?

I picked this E.L.F blush palette on sale for $2 and It comes with me on every single holiday I go on because it has a shade for every mood and I live for that. I also travel with a bronzer but I am really not loyal to a single one so the first one I grab will end up in my bag,

As you know The Makeup Revolution Brow tint is one of this years saviors I will be restocking on payday & filming a IGTV video of how I get snatched brows using this so watch this space.

Since discovering the Brow Tint my brow routine is pretty low maintenance I just add some brow mascara and I am good to go.

Mario Badescu Rose water spray is perfect for those who love multitasking products, its an amazing setting spray but also if you get too much sun it will save your skin too!

I normally use my Koty Airspun but it is too damn big to travel with so i use the travel sized lock-it setting powder which comes with the cutest little powder puff

Like I said in my intro if its coming on holiday then its got to be pretty damn good, the Revolution Pro palette in goldmine is exactly that. Its a champagne, neutral glam dream in one. I has every shade I need for a soft glam look and I refuse to leave the country without it in my glam bag.

When it comes to mascara it has to give me volume or I am sticking my Lilians Lashes on to revive my face. The Too Faced better than sex mascara is perfect in a travel sized for holiday as it gives my lashes the boost they need.

So that is it for my slightly extra travel bag! I honestly struggle taking this amount because I would take my whole makeup collection if i could.

What is the one beauty product you cant travel without?

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