How to Start a Blog - The Basics.

So you have taken the plunge and you want to start a blog, amazing right? But how do you start?

I am here to spill it all, Here are the basics on how to start your own blog... the easy way.

1. Pick a Name

For me this was the hardest thing to do, you want something that is easy to remember and something unique to you. I chose Beauty Basics. Mainly because, I was sick of beauty being over complicated so I created a platform where beauty lessons were taken back to basics where reviews are unfiltered and raw.

Name generators are amazing for creating ideas for names ( Fact: That's how Post Malone came up with his name)

2. Pick a Blog Hoster

There are endless places that will home your little brain baby, its choosing which one and there are soooo many.

You can also go self hosted through a platform such as Wix ( This is what I do ) or you can choose a blog hosting site such as Blogger or Wordpress.

Please note that if you go self hosted you do have to pay to keep your website online.

If you are just starting out I recommend using a platform such as blogger and then as you grow your audience you can then progress to self hosted.

3. Domains: To buy or not to buy

You honestly don't need to buy a domain. Both means of blogging platforms will give you a free domain however there is always .blogspot .wordpress or .wixsite attached to it.

It is all down to personal preference, Because I am a perfectionist I brought my domain purely for display reasons because I didn't want my website to have a super long weblink.

Note: If you do buy a personal domain then connecting your domain to your site hoster is a long process. Feel free to DM me on Instagram and I will talk you through the process or if there are enough people as I will write a post explaining how to do it.

4. Design

On to the fun part ( for some)

So you have chosen your name, selected a blog hosting platform and now you need to create your website. This is either the best part of creating a blog or the worst. It depends how IT savvy you are and more importantly how indecisive.

One of the reasons I chose Wix is because you can start designing your baby from a blank page. I was in my element as Fashion, Design and I.T are my thing so Beauty Basics was designed 100% from scratch with no pre-made templates just myself and a vision, I did go through a stage where my blog had a different design every week ( indecisiveness) but you just have to play until you find something that is perfect for you and something that fits your blogs personality.

Blog hosting sites such as blogger, have templates that you can choose and customize from so if the thought of designing and making your own website freaks you out then I advise either paying somebody to design it for you or going through a website that hosts your blog for you.

My main advice is to keep the design as unique to your own personality as you can. Take inspiration from your favourite blogs and create a mood board of what you want it to look like and work towards your goal, it took me months of working behind the scenes designing before I announced my blog was coming because I knew how much of a perfectionist I was.

Note: Make your blog as easy to navigate and as minimal as you can. You don't want to overwhelm people by having everything on the first page.

5. Content

So you have your blog ready to go it has a name, a design and a ready to launch website and now you 'need' a niche, well if i'm honest you don't.

Your blog is 100% yours. Therefore what goes on it, when it goes on there and how it goes on there is completely at your discretion.

Following a routine schedule is popular with your audience; but if they love your content they will not care what time you put it up.


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