The Hack to Stay Matte All Day.

So hands up if you have officially melted in this weather, I know I have and my makeup is suffering too. If you are sick of your makeup melting or sliding off your face this hack might just be perfect for you....

So everybody loves baking, Baking our foundation and concealer broke the internet faster than Contouring did but today it goes next level.

Baking your Primer

Yep... you read that correctly.

Baking or setting your primer is one of the most effective ways to prevent the oil breaking through and destroying the glam you spent so long perfecting.

It also helps make your foundation look even more flawless as it hides your pores && bonus tip: your makeup doesn't go cakey either!!

When I first read this hack I was slightly cautious because I'm a dry skin girl but if you moisturize beforehand you will be fine, I set my primer in my t-zone and it doesn't budge, break or look sweaty for at least 16 hours.

I have been using the (Huda Beauty Easy Bake Powder £28) since it launched as Huda is a dry skin girl herself I knew it would be formulated to cater for all, its creamy, silky and one of the least drying powders I have used in such a long time. I am obsessed and it is perfect for this hack.

Let me know if you try this hack by tagging me on Instagram @jadeallesse or using the #beautybasicsblog. Happy Glamming!

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