Makeup Revolution Fast Base Concealer Review

Happy Wednesday my Honey Bees!

So you know from the get go my love affair with Revolution Beauty is a real one. I love their brand, their ethos, their marketing tactics and I would 100% sell my soul to be part of their product development team.

Last week they released something that I have been waiting on, for what seems like an eternity, since we saw a leak of it in a photo of Lois' ( Revolution Product Development Genius) Makeup bag I have been gagging to get my hands on it.

If you are familiar with the Viral Fast Base Foundation Stick you will know that the second this concealer launched I had to order it, I have pretty much been sat at my doorstep waiting for the postman since!

So here comes judgment time....

Makeup Revolution Fast Base Concealer £5

Now, concealer is one of the beauty products, aside from skincare, that I am most judgmental and picky on because the bags under my eyes are one of my biggest insecurities.

I will be honest and disclose from the get go that, there is not a single concealer out there that I am loyal to. Every day I have to mix at least 3 until I find a combination that I think looks good enough to wear and is powerful enough to cover my bags.

That was until I tried this....

It is like pair of Spanx in a bottle for your eyes.

Eye-bags who? Never heard of her.

The Fast Base concealer is the most lightweight, creamy and hydrating yet, medium/full coverage concealer I have ever tried in my whole life. However, the formula smells like playdoh ( I oddly love it ) and have already repurchased back ups of this because I am besotted with its ability to make me look like I've had 3 years of sleep.

Its obscene for something to be this good for £5, yes £5 and all your mistakes from the night before are gone!

Now I will say that the shade range could be better throughout the entirety of Revolution Beauty base products. However, it isn't like there are 50 shades of vanilla ( Mhmm.. Beauty Blender) there is a good amount of diversity in the shades they do have but there is always room for more in this day and age.

Wear Test

With the conditions in the UK being abnormally hot, I did make sure to set this with the best of the best to give it a fighting chance. So, I used the NYX HD finishing powder with the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray and it lasted for 16 solid hours before it started to look a little questionable and if you are wondering why on earth I had it on for 16+ hours, well its all in the name of the blog right?

As my under eyes are dry AF, they cling to everything and make it look cakey but this...THIS CONCEALER looks the word cakey in the eye and laughs. It is so creamy and blendable it looks like a second skin, I am honestly so shook by this formula. It came to snatch my soul and in 3 short days has already claimed its spot in my favourites.

Will you be trying Revolutions Fast Base Concealer?

Check it out here → Revolution Fast Base Concealer £5

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