Do you even need to use Toner?

Toner is one of those steps in your routine you are always told you need for supermodel skin, But what do they actually do? I spoke to the team at Bioderma UK and asked for their input on what a toner does and the answers even had me shook....

So What is a Toner?

So... Toner is a liquid solution full of skin nourishing ingredients that looks and acts like water, hence the assumption its a gimmick. HOWEVER, it is packed with ingredients that shrink your pores, prevent breakouts, restore your faces pH levels and preps it for the rest of your skincare routine by removing any residue left over from the day.

Toner is the one step in your skincare routine that really does the most, I incorporated the Bioderma Hydrabio Toner into my routine and within 2-3 days my skin was clearer, brighter and more plump so it is 100% something that I will be keeping in my routine. After prolonged use of a toner there has been such a difference to my skin. I have been using the entire Hydrabio Range as my skincare for the past month and I have never looked so juicy!!

I 100% recommend approaching skincare specialists for advice when it comes to tailoring your routine as you could be missing out on the best skin of your life.

Here are some Toners the HQ have put together for your skin types..

Normal / Dull Skin:

Oily/ Combo Skin:

Dry or Sensitive Skin:

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