How to Get Your Glam to Survive A Shift at Work

Hello my loves,

Many of people always ask me what my full time job is away from Beauty Basics and I've always been very open and honest in the fact that I work full time at a Mcdonalds Restaurant. The next question that usually comes is "How do you wear a full face of makeup to work?" or "How does your makeup last a 9 hour shift and still look good?" and today, I am going to talk you through my day to day makeup routine and tell you my lil secrets and hacks.

Now I usually start with a setting/primer spray, my favourite for the last few months has been Mac Fix +, spraying that all over my face so it looks almost wet. Gently tapping in the excess product so that nowhere is left uncovered.

The next step is Nivea Men shaving balm (Did you know this is an amazing primer for your foundation to stick to?) or Almond Oil, both do the same job it just depends what is close and ready to use at the time. I usually powder down my primer as Mcdonalds is a very oily place so your skin suffers badly, trust me.

Then I apply my foundation, of course I use Makeup Revolution, usually the Fast Base Foundation Stick in F2, patting that all over the skin with a beauty blender. After that is all patted in I use the Makeup Revolution Concealer in C1 everywhere that is is needed (pretty much all over my face.)

Of course, setting everything in place is crucial so I take my Makeup Revolution Setting Powder in my T zone and my Rimmel Stay Matte all over my face.

With other powder products such as contour, blush, bronzer and highlight make sure you are TAPPING the product where it is needed, not swiping as it'll remove your foundation and everything else you've already put on.

I spray my face after every powder I put on making sure all the powders are melted together. And then continue to do the rest of my look, eyes and lips (hopefully we are working on some videos coming your way very soon.)

I hope this helps and if it works for me working in such a fast paced, oily place like Mcdonalds, it should definitely work for you too..

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