How to get Free Makeup

Happy Friday my honey buns,

Today is about getting the most out of life & I'm starting with free makeup. Whether you blog, play with makeup or just have a passion for beauty there are ways to get free stuff everywhere and I am here to show you how.


I am going to come straight out with it and tell you blogging is not where I get my free makeup from in fact, the only thing I have ever got in PR is false eyelashes so what I am about to tell you is achievable for anybody.

If we aren't on PR lists and get free makeup then you can too.


When blogging there is constant competition to always review the new stuff but lets face it, unless money isn't an issue there is no way anybody can buy every single release so we need to get boujee on a budget.

1. Glamour Beauty Club

So the Glamour Beauty Club is a free service that sends you out samples & full sized products of new releases. You sign up and create a profile and it pairs you with items that 'your glamour stylist' thinks are perfect for you to try.

Sometimes you get samples and sometimes you get the full sized products, I get sent things around twice a month and honestly I have never had a bad product sent to me. It has connected me with some brands that I now love & the perks of receiving free things is that you can review them on your blog! So for me its a win win.

2. Influenster Vox Box Programme

Influenster is another free service that sends you 'VoxBoxes' loaded full of full-sized products in exchange for honest reviews. I have received full ranges of launches from Influenster before and honestly it is so exciting so receive.

What I will say is that in order to be shortlisted for boxes I have found that being active on there and reviewing things definitely helps. I also know people that have never received anything from Influenster so it really is a randomised service but is amazing if you do get chosen.

3. Product Testing - Clicks Research

Ever wanted to product test for brands such as Liz Earle, Sanctuary, Marks and Spencer, Body Shop and Boots? Now is your chance. Before I started blogging I was a product tester with Clicks Research for brands & occasionally I pick up assignments if they look exciting.

This is where my passion for makeup development began when I became part of the process of launching products.

I have had some amazing products come through for testing, the only downside is most of the time you never find out what brand have sent you things. So if you want to buy the product when it launches IF it ever does launch, you will have a very difficult time finding out what it was with just a sample code number.

The only requirement with Clicks is that you provide feedback on the samples they send you & to me that's such a small ask for the amount they send through & guess what its all free!


So that's the tea on how to get free stuff! So far this is all I know but if you have any more tips and tricks hop on down to the comments below & share with us!


Thank you for taking the time to read this post!

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