5 Bloggers I am obsessing over & you should too!

To combat the Monday blues we are releasing a little love into the world, here are 5 bloggers I just can't get enough of lately!

In no particular order, here are the bloggers I love...

1. KS Loves

Not only does she hold place for the coziest and realist blog with beauty hauls, empties reviews and the Keto Diaries ( obsessed) Katrina has also expanded to YouTube and if your heart isn't as full as mine watching her own the spotlight then you are doing something wrong. Check her out here.

2. Paulina Loya

Home to the best clothing & beauty halls, wedding diaries and heart wrenching photo shoots in the Scottish hills. Paulina's blog is one I adore reading because her personality translates through her posts & you will laugh, cry and obsess over her content with her. Check it out here

3. Karina Millan

Kari is new to blogging but her content is something I love, Especially her DIY cheesecake recipe. She shares her travels, Keto Journey, Favourite Recipes and more! Check out her blog here

4. Lulu Voudouri - Loved by Lu

First word, GOALS. Lulu not only has she got an aesthetically pleasing life, her content is the exact same and don't even get me started on her Instagram theme oh my life. Her blog is home to honest thoughts, body confidence, travel and beauty. You get everything in one & she is also one of the nicest people I have come across in the blogging community. Check out her blog here

5.Katy - Something Different Blog

Katy's blog hits me on a personal level, I owe alot to her because she taught me to love myself for who I am flaws & all. Not only is her blog home to the most honest beauty reviews, she talks self love, mental health and life lessons. I love love love love her blog & think you will too! Check it out here

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