Popular Beauty Products I Think are Over-Hyped Trash

Hey Huns, We are hitting Friday off with some controversy and I am speaking up about some products I have tried which I think are awful. I will be honest I try so many products and alot of them are awful so this could become a series if you are into this post.

The big problem with Beauty Guru's in this day and age is that they can be bought or paid to rave about a product that is so obviously bad and should never be recommended and let me tell you that isn't how it goes down here at Beauty Basics.

The Beauty Industry this day and age is so competitive that brands are putting out products weekly with a disregard for the attention and quality that should go into the development in an attempt to stay relevant. When in reality all we want is for them to keep it real and make good products.


DISCLAIMER: Just because I think these specific products are trash does not mean I hate the brands mentioned, you will notice some of my most raved about brands in this list but if a product is rubbish you know I am giving you the heads up so you don't waste your money like I did.


1. Tarteist™ contour palette version III

This is the product that made me so angry I started this whole series. If patchy, chunky or muddy is your vibe this is for you, Tarte gifted me this palette for free and its the worst thing I have ever put on my face. Not only did it break me out but the bronzers are like processed chalk and mud, The Highlighters are chunky and basically pressed glitter. I honestly don't understand how this passed quality control. The concept for the palette is good but lord knows what happened to the formula inside because it is nothing like the regular Tarte powders.

2. Kat Von D Lock-It Concealer

This concealer is dry as sh*t so if you want to look deceased or like a crusty mc crusty face then go ahead, I tried so hard to make this work but it would always cake up no matter how much I tried. It dries like clay and just breaks apart on your face.

3. Fenty Pro Filter Foundation

People are always so shocked when I say I don't recommend this foundation. For a dry skin girl this was my worst nightmare, it made me look old and dry and let me just say I am the sort of person that gets asked for ID for an energy drink so I have the babiest of baby faces but this made me look AGEEDDDDDD.

It settles into lines I didn't even know where there and just made me look dull, flat and lifeless. This foundation also oxidizes ( goes orange once applied ) so I just looked like a dried out oompa loompa it was a whole mess. Let me just thank Sephora's Return Policy for being a real one.

4. Huda Beauty Faux Filter Foundation

I know this is loved by so many people but I honestly cannot stand it. Its too heavily perfumed and way too thick. It is like applying a paste to your face it looks so unnatural. I tried mixing it with strobe cream and oils to sheer it out but it would just break apart. I could never make this work and considering how expensive it was I was so annoyed when it was horrendous.

5. Skinkissed Vitamin C Serum

It always pains me to hate a product when I get sent it as a gift but when it comes to skincare I do not mess around, especially when there is active Vitamin C within a product because it has a life span of around 7 days tops. Unfortunately, within around a week of having this the colour changed it began to smell awful and I put it straight in the bin. I honestly don'y understand how brands can sell a product with an active ingredient in that expires so quickly. It will break you out or you will have a horrible reaction to it, whatever comes first.

6. Revolution Skincare Gel Cream

I know the world is shook I am speaking against my holy grail brand. But if a product doesn't live up I am telling y'all and this did not. At first I was obsessed with this, my first impressions were great but I think I loved the concept of this product more than the actual contents, It was set up to be the perfect dupe to my beloved Tatcha Water Cream but after a few weeks of using it my skin just looked lifeless. I was discovering dry patches and It just wasn't hydrating my skin at all.

Considering skincare is where my beauty knowledge is at if I'm 1000% honest with you all I think this cream is lacking something and its any form of hydrating properties. It melts into your skin but it doesn't hydrate at all & if i'm honest a glass of water would do more than this did for me. After around 2/3 weeks of use the product began to smell weird so that's when it confirmed to me that this isn't worth it at all. So in the trash it goes.

DISCLAIMER : Please don't think that because I disliked a product that you should too, if one of your favs are in here then thats okay! Products work differently for everybody.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post!

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