Tatcha Silk Canvas Primer - The $6 Dupe

So if there is one thing I have taught you here at Beauty Basics it is that we love luxury beauty products at a non luxury price my dupe posts are always the highest requested so I have been hunting for a super juicy one for you and I am ready to spill the tea... or primer in this instance.

Tatcha released their first ever makeup product, The Silk Canvas Primer, which sold out in minutes. No shock there, everybody was gagging for this product, myself included. But there was something about the $52 price tag that makes me want to gagggggg. I made it my mission to find a dupe, I found one that not only is $46 cheaper but it is anti-ageing too.


Tatcha Silk Canvas Primer

This velvety primer is the Beyonce of primers, It has a velvety balm-like texture that in one small rice grain amount of product has the ability to melt flawlessly into the skin creating a perfect canvas for makeup or by itself and give you that glow from within look.

Not only does this primer work for all skin types but it is formulated with silk extracts to make your skin feel and look like luxury and has the ability to sit on your face without settling into fine lines or pores.

Whilst I am a luxury skincare and makeup junkie paying this price for a primer that is the size of an eye-shadow tin really isn't something I can ever recommend. There is a difference between treating yourself and ripping yourself off.

Although I can say that I love this primer with all my heart and soul, The dupe queen loves her dupe a hell of alot more. So if you are on the hunt for an affordable dupe, a great primer and a bank balance that doesn't make you want to cry then I got you boo.


E.L.F Poreless Face Primer

When you think of budget beauty you think of E.L.F Cosmetics, Not only have they mastered the art of making beauty affordable but still high quality but this primer is no exception.

Their Poreless Face Primer is not only the best primer I have used in a hot minute, it helps reduce the appearance of enlarged pores, fine lines, and also gives that subtle glow from within effect. My favourite thing about this primer is that it is formulated with tea tree and Vitamins A & E so not only will it help keep your skin clear it gives you that anti-ageing boost you never knew you needed.

It mimics the effects of the Silk Canvas Primer and I enjoy it more because of the price point.


Got a high end product you need me to find a dupe for? Let me know in the comments below...


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