5 Beauty Advent Calendars Under £12


Who misses the days where it was socially acceptable to just have a £1 chocolate advent for December? I know I sure do.

It is now 'on trend' to have an advent calendar with gifts in & Beauty Calendars are everywhere but the price tags for them make me CRINGE. There is no in-between with advent calendars these days they either are affordable and are full of junk or the ones you do like are hundreds of pounds and that is never okay.

I have been trawling the internet for beauty related advents that I think are genuinely a bargain & the prices are low low so they are accessible for anybody with a small budget.

Here are 5 Beauty Related Advent Calendars under £12 that are actually worth your money.


1. Superdrug Flutter Beauty 12 Day Calendar £8

Flutter Beauty have been making a name for themselves within the drugstore community and their second ever advent calendar gives a bank for its buck. For £8 you get full sized items from their line and the blushes inside are to die for, so creamy!!


2.Q KI New Your Cosmetics Advent Calendar £9.99

I was so impressed with this advent calendar I have brought one for myself. Not only do you get several eye-shadow quads but you really get a broad range of products in this Q KI calendar and I have to say I am shook with the amount you get for the price!


3. Technic Glitterball Advent Calendar £8

If you have never tried Technic makeup in your life you are lying, this brand is the OG of beginner makeup & every single teenager that I knew would spend every Saturday in Bodycare drooling over the dream matte mouse dupe & vivid blue shadows.

Although a few years have passed Technic has had a glow up, there is a huge sense of nostalgia associated with this brand and I have to say £8 is a complete steal as their eye shadows retail for £4 alone and you get 7 inside this one!

Also props to Technic for the cute design, this is the cutest one I have seen.


4. Superdrug Bloom Collection 12 Days of Perfume Advent Calendar £12

You don't have to be a makeup addict to have a beauty calendar. This Superdrug Bloom Calendar is filled with Mini Perfumes and I die with cuteness overload.

Last years Perfume calendar by Superdrug was sold out by the time I got my hands on it so this year I will raid every store I can to get my hands on this lil gem as it was so highly raved about.


5. Boots Gloss Advent Calendar £12.50

Okay, so 50p over budget but I have had a look inside this calendar and I cannot believe how cheap it is for the amazing things inside! You get a full month rather than 12 days and it is jam packed full of beauty products you actually need. 11/10

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