5 Gifts I Am Buying For Myself (Not Sorry)

My Nan always told me to buy yourself a gift for Christmas because you will always be your own greatest love, however I always get a little too into the self love prophecy and buy myself more than a few gifts. This year is no different.

This is the final gift related post throughout blogmas & I cannot wait for you to see what is next! But for now lets oggle over my wishlist.

1. Kimoji Lumee Case

On of my greatest loves in life is the Kardashian's and my greatest hate is my photos never have good lighting in them. I have been in love with the Lumee Cases since they very first released but have never been able to commit to the price of one..until I saw the Kimoji ones. Now there is something about these that make me want to throw my money and demand one of every version. So this is for sure in my Christmas basket.

2. Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask

I am the preacher of the phrase 'skincare is an investment' and when your idols make a clean skincare line you run at it with both arms. If you are a follower of my social media you will see me hype up Marianna Hewitt & Lauren Gores Ireland they are bloggers turned she-e-o's and are complete life inspo. I love their style, blogs & their ethos. I will be treating myself to this by the gallon this Christmas.

3. Flip Up Camera

There is nothing harder than spending hours on a makeup look to not be able to get it to translate well on camera. I either use my proper DSLR camera and I end up getting 50 shots of the wall behind me or I use my laptop webcam which has about as much quality as a dried out mushroom.

4. Micheal Kors Bancroft Large Pebbled Calf Leather Satchel

I have been eyeing this bag up for over a year and I refuse to pay the £1,210 for it so on Black Friday if there is an offer on this bag it is coming home with me. If you know me you know I have a slight addiction to handbags but I only buy them from outlets or in deals so I know I have got my moneys worth! Savvy shopping is key.

5. Cloud Pyjamas

If you know me personally you know I never leave my house, more so my pyjamas. I am obsessed with clouds and elephants so when this onesie popped up in my ASOS recommended I was heartbroken to see it out of stock. I will be on the prowl for something as adorable as this set and live out my snuggly dreams.


I hope this post is a little reminder to treat yourself this Christmas, always remember to love yourself first and foremost and don't forget to always be your own biggest fan! Let me know in the comments below what you will be treating yourself to this festive period & stay tuned tomorrow for a surprise post!

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