5 Gifts Under £5 For Her

So Christmas is creeping in on us scarily fast and you suddenly realise how much you actually have to buy, but don't worry I have found some beautiful gifts for her ( or him) that aren't going to leave you broke!

Here is my under £5 Gift Guide for Her - All Pictures are Linked

1. Fruity Lip Balm Gift Set £3

There is nothing more soul destroying than having cracked lips during winter, for £3 you could be that hero who gives the gift of juicy lips & you can even buy yourself one too for the price!

2. Spaa Body Wash and Scrub Set £4

There's nothing I love more than getting a good old bath set for Christmas, I see it as a little reminder to take 5 and relax and I think that is the cutest gift anybody could get. This one smells so fresh and contains Vitamin B5 which is super nourishing.

3. 16Pc 'Woke Up Like This' Haircare Set £3.99

Just a FYI this gift set is huuuuuuuuge, I don't know how it is only £3.99! Haircare items especially hairbrushes always manage to grow legs and walk away in my house so not only do these make a great gift, you know this will be appreciated the most.

4. Soap and Glory Naughty but Spice Gift Duo £5

If you want to buy somebody a gift that you are guaranteed the will obsess over then Soap & Glory is the one. Whoever I buy S & G for always end up hooked because of its dreamy scent. a foolproof & bargain gift!

5. Dove Radiant Beauty Gift Set £5

I always try and go for gifts I know will get used & loved, this is one of those! Not only does it smell delicious but everybody loves a bath set and Dove is one of the best selling gift sets every single year. This set is reduced from £7.50 but the closer you get to christmas the cheaper these sets get so keep an eye on them!


So that kicks of our first blogmas post, saving that shmoney and being a great gift giver in the process. Keep an eye out for tomorrows post as we are doing the mens gift guide and there are some juicy ones inside there.

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