5 Gifts Under £5 for Him

Hello my honey buns, yesterdays post went offfffff! You guys nearly crashed the site I am gobsmacked. Now I know that you love to save the money as much as I do so I have been scouring the internet for some juicy gifts for your dad,grandad, partner or neighbour.

Normally I think men's gifts can be a bit underwhelming its either 50 types of lynx set or an aftershave but this year I have found some juicy ones, so pop on the kettle, make a tea and lets get into it.

1. Lush Intergalactic Bath Bomb £4.75

Don't look at me crazy for this one, Men LOVE and I mean LOVE a good bath bomb this one smells fresh and like peppermint & has been a success for everybody I have gifted this too.

2. L'Oreal Men Carbon Power Gift Set £3.49

This is the boujee version of a lynx set and cheaper! Not only will it get used but it smells incredible ( tested it on the hubby ) and it looks more expensive than it is so win win.

3. Virtual Reality Gun Phone Accessory & Game £4.99 ( reduced from £29.99)

Not only is this fun for everybody to use but it will also be something that can be brought out on family evenings. It comes with 5 games that are compatible and for the price drop it is a complete steal!

4. 80s Trivia £4.99

One of my grandparents traditions is that on Boxing Day the whole family come round, eat dinner and have a game night. I think this is a perfect gift if you have a tradition similar around the festive period and it is low price compared to most other games.

5. Credit Card Tool Kit £2.50

If you have somebody in your life who you know loves to fix things, this is for them! Forewarning this gift is exactly what is says 'credit card sized' so it is small. But it makes a perfect add on gift or a beautiful gesture to somebody to show you care.


So that wraps up day two of blogmas! What have you thought so far? Are you loving the tips? Let me know what you want to see in the new year / rest of this series below! Stay tuned for tomorrows post for the final instalment of the gift giving series.

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