Is The Lush Christmas Range Worth the Hype?

If you know me you know I am forever uploading bath bombs, bubble bath and new findings to help me fulfil my mermaid dreams. To fit with the festive season I thought I would try some Christmas Specific ranges and see if they are worth the inflated price tag, purely for looking like a gingerbread man, you feel me?

So I have been playing with the most hyped up Christmas Range I have seen and here are my very honest, slightly brutal, Christmas covered thoughts.

1. Snow Fairy Shower Gel

Of course, I had to start with the most viral product of all, The Snow Fairy Shower Gel is what put Lush's Christmas Range on the map. It smells like heaven, marshmallows and Christmas all rolled into one and has a lather so silky and luxurious you feel like you are in a commercial. I will be honest, I have fallen into the Snow Fairy hype and have brought several bottles hoping it will last me through to the next year even the hubby is addicted to this. 11/10

2. Snowman Bath Bomb

For £9.99 it is topping to be one of the most expensive bath bombs lush sell & for the price I have to say I was underwhelmed a whole lot. It was smaller than I expected and was just 'meh' it didn't do a whole lot and hardly has a smell to it either. I feel conned by this one 1/10

3. Sugar plum Fairy Lip Scrub

I already hold resentment for paying almost £7 for essentially glorified caster sugar but I cannot get enough of this and I don't understand why. It tastes freaking amazing and leaves my lips feeling smooth and juicy I just cannot understand the price so I will 100% be making a DIY version of this soon! 5/10


Overall I would say that Snow Fairy really holds it down in terms of Lush's Christmas range, The bath bombs in my opinion are a little over priced and the Lip Scrub is my guilty pleasure because I cannot get enough of it. There are a few other things from their range which I tested but honestly were too 'mehhh' to even bother talking about overall I was disappointed by the range and feel like the Snow Fairy was the only good thing to come out of it.

Have you tried the Lush Christmas Range? If so what were your thoughts?


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