Hourglass Mineral Veil Powder Dupe

It wouldn't be a Beauty Basics Blogmas without a dupe am I right?!?!?!?

I had a few requests for dupes that you don't see everyday or super high end dupes, so I got thinking..why not find a dupe for a new boujee product that will rock your Christmas Stockings off.

Hourglass Mineral Veil Powder

Now you know how sometimes I am a high end hoe and love my boujee products, The Hourglass Veil Loose Powder was something I knew I instantly needed...until I saw the price. I convinced myself that buying it for the purpose of the blog made it acceptable, but don't get me wrong. I wouldn't repurchase it now I have the dupe.

This powder not only blurs and gives you that ' I woke up like this ' glow but it locks in your base like no other. I love the formula with all my soul but like most high end products, It comes with the resentment that I could fuel my car for a month with the cash I used to buy this product.

So I set my little booty out into the beautiful world of ULTA and I began my search for a dupe. If I am honest I picked up a few loose powders and was convinced there wasn't a dupe out there for this product...until it came to testing them.

Now this dupe is a good one, if I am honest I am pretty shocked at myself for finding something so close.

Elf High Definition Powder in Soft Luminance

Behold the dupe gods have answered our prayers, E.L.F cosmetics strike again with a product that not only saves our wills to live but also our bank balances. Now from the get go these two powders do not look similar. If I am honest I only picked this up because there was a similar dispenser. But upon application, wigs are flying. Who is this lumious bae? Did she get 100+ hours of sleep? You look FLAWLESS with this powder.

I will admit it isn't as finely milled as the Hourglass but for a £35 saving who cares?! I can make it work if I am saving money because if 'boujee on a budget' isn't the Beauty Basics anthem then what are we doing!!

Stay tuned for more...this isn't the last dupe of the year my honey buns.


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