Winter Skincare Routine

Well didn't winter hit us with a slap in the face, am I right or did this years come out of nowhere?!

My skin is going through it right now and that is the signal I need to switch over to my winter routine ( FYI: you should adapt your skincare through the seasons ) Here is the routine I have switched too.


1. Makeup Remover

If you are part of the lazy skincare club then you will be equally as obsessed with these wipes as me. They remove makeup ( even when its loaded on ), it hydrates your skin and waterproof mascara doesn't even survive! These are pretty much always on offer in either boots or superdrug so I always have a stock of these around.


2. Facial Wash/Scrub

I am hitting you with the viral/controversial face scrub that I have been testing out. I have seen this facial scrub hailed by some and slated by others so I needed to form my own opinion (review pending) but as a dry skin girl my face needs an exfoliating step during the winter and so far I have been loving it.

For the face wash, this one also new to my collection by Bioderma & is gentle enough for my skin & actually leaves it feeling clean!! So far I am obsessed.


3. Toner & Serum

As you know I am a Broke girl trying to live a Boujee lifestyle, I like my skincare to have fancy ingredients but without the price tag & this is it.

I love this serum (as I have preached before), Hyaluronic Acid is amazing for your skin & this price tag is equally amazing for your bank balance.

4. Moisturiser

I have been on the struggle bus with moisturiser lately as my skin is not vibing with anything that I use, such a stress. I have gone back to my default Cetaphil as I know it works but it isn't giving me enough so if you have any recommendations let me know down in the comments!

5. Masks

My biggest regret with the Jet Lag Mask is that I didn't buy it sooner. My skin hasn't loved a product like this in my entire life, in particular my under eyes which now crave this mask.

Summer Fridays is a clean skincare brand formulated to have no nasties inside which makes me feel comfortable using it on the whole family.

It is a face mask / primer / moisturiser depending on application & it is the most nourishing mask I have ever used. I have been applying this like it is my religion because of all the travelling I have been doing & my face is thanking me for it. I look plump, hydrated & like I have slept for a year, I can confirm that this is already a firm favourite.

6. Lip Care

Ain't nothing more stressful than a cracked lip. My lips are dry AF anyway so I always have every lip balm at the ready during winter.

This year I have noticed that I am using this NYX Lip Loving Balm the most, I also use a Hyaluronic Acid Treatment from Fillerina which I think is also helping keep my lips extra hydrated lately. ( It was sent to me as a gift & makes your lips bigger - review coming soon )


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