Morphe Fluidity Foundation and Concealer Review

Well hasn't it been a hot minute. I actually cannot remember the last time I sat down to write a blogpost!

January has spoiled us in the terms of Beauty launches, there have been so many I didn't have a clue what to write about first...until I got my hands on this foundation and then I knew my thoughts had to be made public.

DISCLAIMER: pop the kettle on and get some snacks as this is a long / in-depth review

So Morphe launched their first ever base makeup ( foundation & concealer ) and the beauty community was shook. 60 shades, promising empowerment for everybody, until they announced it was a matte foundation.. eugh. My dry skin shuddered at the thought of it but I needed to try it as for £16 I wanted to know if it good at least.


The Ordering Process.

My first impressions were wow, hello shade range and then oh... wtf shade range. When I popped over to to buy my shade I was showered in confusion.

Picking your shade when there is no comparison chart to other brands, no swatches & quite frankly the process was the extremely difficult as the undertones didn't make sense you would have orange or green and no inbetween. The light skin model looked like she had a medium skin complexion, the darker end of the light shades were either green or orange so I just picked the darkest neutral they had F1.90 ( light - neutral - olive ) , added a foundation sampler card and prayed for the best.

Concealers were a whole different league on their own, the shade range was alot more limited & they didn't correlate with the foundation shades at all and there was no advice to say 'shades 1.40-1.90 pick me' I ended up choosing C1.55 ( light - neutral ) it was stressful to say the least.

So I proceeded to my basket and standard shipping was free as I had spent over £15 but express delivery was £5, you know your girl is impatient so I got the express shipping. When I clicked express I had no idea that 20 minutes later I would have an email to say my package was shipped, I couldn't believe it. I was even more shocked when I woke up the next day and my parcel was delivered, less than 8 hours after ordering and it was already at my door. I have to applaud Morphe for shipping speed but in the same breath the packaging for two tiny boxes was beyond excessive.



I will be honest, I was like a child at Christmas when this parcel arrived. I ran was play time. I needed to try this and it needed to be now.

So I knew from the launch that this was a soft matte foundation so my dry skin was going to need a little boost before this came near me so I prepped my skin my Tatcha Water Cream and primed with the Mac Cosmetics Strobe Cream as I would with any Matte base products and also added some strobe cream to the foundation before I applied it to my face, ( DISCLAIMER) this does sheer out the formula and will take it from Full to Medium Coverage but also takes away any dryness which my skin cannot handle.


Upon Application I noticed it smells odd ( similar to paint & concerning when you are putting it on your face), this is common with brands who are drugstore / affordable as often removing fragrance is what makes these products so affordable. However, if scents bother you then please note it smells like it shouldn't be anywhere near your skin.However I proceeded for the blog and I applied it with my Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge as I do with every foundation and got to the glam.

Application was fairly quick as a little covers alot, you only need a tiny amount and even with the strobe cream the coverage was intense. I did pick the wrong shade, which is typical of me but with the right bronzer I could make it work. I do think that I would fall into the medium category as I tried the darkest of the light shades from the sampler card and they were all very fair so that was slightly annoying but you never know with a new foundation launch.

The concealer upon application looked okay, medium coverage, blended nice... that was until it oxidised red/orange. I will be honest my makeup went downhill from the concealer. My bronzers skipped, the foundation started to vanish on parts of my face & my redness was showing through. I was so confused but determined to push through and get a wear test out of it. I was so confused about the concealer I took a photo to show you all, This is supposed to be neutral and was turning pink. Nether-less I completed my face and went about my day, looking slightly odd but it was for the blog.


Wear Test / Verdict

Morphe claims their fluidity foundation can withstand 24 hour wear and lets be honest we stan a longwearing foundation because we do not have time for touch ups during the day. we be busyyyyyy.

After 4 hours I did my first and final check in, my face felt tight, I could feel my makeup cracking and it was getting uncomfortable to wear.

I knew something was up with this formula.

I had ran my errands, I hadn't eaten lunch only had a coffee and when I drank it bits of foundation were crumbling off my face and falling off. It was horrific. I was too scared to eat for fear my face was flaking off so I hurried my ass home to take some photos and conclude my day. I had recorded a YouTube video to document my experience with this collection and do a full day wear test but I was so upset by the end of the day I didn't even finish the video...or keep the foundation on.

This by far has to be the single handidly worst foundation I have ever tried. After 4 hours my face looked dry, flakey, patchy and it dried my skin out. It has been 4 days since I have tried this foundation and my skin still hasn't recovered, It broke out in small white bumps all over my cheeks so I am not sure if theres something in the formula my skin doesn't agree with but I for sure will not be putting this near my face again. I have attached photos displaying the breaking up / crumbling I experienced. I later noticed it had melted from around my nose & I don't experience any oiliness at all so I am not sure where that went to.

Overall I would say that if you are an oily person this might be right for you if you set it well but mine didn't last 4 hours and I have never experienced that before.

Once again, I know that reviews are different for every person and that a matte foundation doesn't always work on dry skin types but as it was highly requested I wanted to share my thoughts.

If you would like to see the horror story which was the YouTube video from this day then let me know in the comments and I will edit it for you.

Thank you for reading!


All My Love, Jade

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