The £9 Lilly Lashes Dupes

Its been a while since I came at you with a really good dupe and today is your day because I have a few for y'all.

You know I love my lashes, but spending £20-30 on a set isn't where I am at. I like my makeup to be affordable but still have a touch of boujee and here we are...

Lilly Lashes are like the best sellers on the market, if you don't have their infamous Miamis are you even a beauty guru? Although the average person ( AKA me & you ) honestly isn't spending £30 a time on a lash.

I love the styles of Lilly Lashes and I love the drama so when I spotted that my friends brand had similar styles I had to put you on.

The Dolly Co Lydia Lashes £9 / Lilly Lashes So Extra Mykonos Lash £30

If your middle name is extra AF then these are for you, The Lydia lashes are fluffy, romantic but also dramatic as hell which is perfect for your date nights or nights you want your lashes to look like the queen you are.

The lash band is thicker on the Lydia lash than the Mykonos lash but I find this makes the application easier and the lashes are more resilient to my tweezers so they survive more uses.

The Dolly Co Jade Lashes £9 / Lilly Lashes Carmel Lash £30

Okay so I am biased in sharing my love for these lashes because they were named after me and designed with my eyes in mind. The Jade lashes are perfect for that dramatic cat eye, they elongate your eye shape but add that touch of drama whilst being wispy and fluffy.

They are my perfect lash and also the dupes for the Lilly Lashes Carmel lash which is one of their best sellers, I think its a win win when you can get almost the same thing for a fraction of the price.

The Dolly Co Priya Lashes £9 / Lilly Lashes Miami Lashes £30

Now this is where the tea is at. Miami lashes who?! Priya is all you need. They are IDENTICAL I am shook.

When I first saw the Priya lashes I instantly knew we had a Miami dupe on our hands, they are the perfect hybrid between wispy and sultry and when I tell you they are light, I mean it feels like you have nothing on. They are amongst my favourites.

& for a £21 saving I feel like they speak for themselves.

So that is my 3 dupes for you, The 3 Best Selling Lilly Lashes vs The newly launched Dolly Co lashes. I mean shooook the house because I know where my money is being spent.

Shop The Dolly Co Lashes Here

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