How to do your own Brow Lamination

Want thicker fuller brows but don't want the commitment of microblading on perfect ones? Brow Lamination might be the next big trend for you.

Brow Lamination is a process where you essentially 'perm' your brow hairs in a direction to manipulate the look of big structured brows. Similar to brow gel but the process lasts for weeks.

This trend is one that has gotten huge and I have seen salons charging hundreds for it BUT here's the catch...The kit to do brow lamination at home is only £20 & lash perm kits start from £12 on amazon!, this kit is designed to last you 6 months. So what are they charging hundreds for?!

Naturally, I wanted to try Brow Lamination when I first saw the craze going around, but knowing I can save money and do it myself? SOLD

As my favourite thing to do is save your coins I filmed a tutorial showing you how to do this yourself.

Before you attempt this you will need:

- Cling Film / Saran Wrap

- Brow Brush

- Lash Lift Kit ( Below is a link for the one I bought *AFFILIATE LINK* )

- baby wipes or micellar water to clean brows after

DISCLAIMER: I am not a professional please do not hurt yourself I am just a girl trying to save my coins like you.

Want more DIY Beauty Treatments?!

Let me know in the comments!


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