How to get your makeup to last all-day

Sick of spending all your money on makeup to find that by midday it's disappeared off your face? The answer is here.

For the longest time I was buying all this high-end makeup and getting frustrated that it wasn't lasting, but my issue wasn't with the makeup I was buying it was with me, I was missing so many vital steps and so my looks never stood a chance.

So today I am going to share what I have learned along the way and how my makeup lasts my 16+ hour days.

To make this blog post easier to navigate, as its a long one, I have broken it down into sections.

Skin prep, primer, base, setting & touch-ups. If there is only one specific thing you are looking for head on to your section, but I will give you a heads up and say that all of these steps won't work fully without the other.

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Skin Preparation

It is so important that your skincare is right for your skin because if you are using the wrong things your skin will react during the day to combat this. For example, if you have oily skin and you are using too harsh of products or you aren't moisturising enough then your skin will overproduce oils which breaks apart your makeup.

So first step is to reconsider your skin type, I have attached a little short video to help you out, for the longest time I thought my skin was oily and in fact, it was dry but because I was stripping it too much with the wrong skincare my skin was freaking out and producing oil in all the wrong places. I had to completely rethink my skincare but now I am using the right products I have seen such a difference.

So now you have determined what skin type you are (I hope! If you are still stuck DM me on Instagram I will help you @jadeallesse) here is some skincare recommendations that I have tried and tested. I have recommended starter kits/travel packs purely because when you are trying new skincare you never want to buy the full size just in case it's not for you!

- Hydrabio (the blue kit)

is for my dry skin gals & guys, this is what I use myself.

- Sebium (the green kit)

is for my oily gals and guys, I have heard this is amazing for teenage hormonal skin too!

- Sensibio (the pink kit)

is for anybody with normal to sensitive skin, it really is an all-rounder, this is the range I switch to in the summer months when my skin is living its best life with all the sunshine.

Once you have nailed your skincare & your skin starts acting right you finally have the right base to be working on, but what comes next?


For the longest time, I thought primers were useless until I actually started using one and saw the huge difference in the longevity and the wear of my looks.

I have been using primers for a few years now and I can tell when I am using the wrong one or if it is making my makeup look worse.

So if you are currently reading this thinking what the hell is a primer, here is the down-low. Primer creates a layer between your skin and makeup, it helps protect your skin from breakouts, even skin tone helps makeup last longer and smooth out your skin.

If you nail down a good primer it doesn't matter if you have a £2 foundation or a £200 foundation on your skin will look bomb AF and last for hours.

But of course, different primers do different things so here are my recommendations where to start.

N.Y.X Honey Dew Primer -

If you are a day 1 blog follower you would have been with me when I discovered this primer, it is suitable for normal-dry skin types and is hands down the best primer I own. It firms and plumps the skin but at the same time drys down slightly sticky so that your makeup adheres to it all day and doesn't budge. It also tackles discolouration so is one of those all-rounder primers that you can't really go wrong with! This is the primer I use on all my clients when I do their ma

"Inspired by honey’s golden glow, we developed a primer that reduces the appearance of discolouration and redness. Our innovative light reflective gold flecks create a luminous look that will help keep your skin looking radiant all day. "

E.L.F Poreless Putty Primer-

If you have been anywhere near the internet for the past 6 months you will know this primer went viral for being the dupe for the £70 Tatcha silk canvas primer, there were people fighting in stores over this but finally, that has all calmed down and you can order it again! This is ideal if you suffer from skin texture, enlarged pores or simply prefer a smoothed out makeup look. I would recommend this for my normal - oily skin readers.

"This skin-perfecting putty primer is infused with Squalane to help grip makeup for all-day wear and help protect the skin from moisture loss. The velvety texture glides effortlessly over the skin, smoothing over imperfections for a poreless effect."

Benefit Porefessional Matte Rescue-

This is the primer I used to use when I thought my skin was oily! It was the only thing that would control my skin freakouts and keep the oil at bay. This primer is a gel-like formula and if you have oily skin it will be your best friend. Apply it in the t-zone or where your makeup breaks up the most and it will grip your makeup all day and keep the oils away. This also minimises the pores so if you want smooth and matte skin this is the primer for you.

"Matte rescue instantly minimises pore appearance. The lightweight, water-based gel overpowers shine and absorbs excess surface oil, leaving a natural-looking matte finish. Skin feels smooth and refreshed. Contains diamond powder known for its soft-focus pore-blurring effect"

All about that Base

This is the step it really comes down to, you can prep, prime and pray to all of the gods but if you are using the wrong base products you may as well throw your money in the bin.

One of the biggest mistakes I made when I started wearing makeup was assuming that the more expensive a foundation is, the better it was. WRONG. I have £1.99 foundations that can outlast £59 foundations and it really is down to what your skin acts like, and what you need out of a base.

Now I know not everybody wears a foundation so I will include a few CC, BB creams in here also, but I will be real with you, there are light coverage foundations that behave better than most of the BB creams I have tried.

So before you consider how to make your base last you need to find the base you want, do you want light, medium or full coverage. My personal preference sits at light/medium as I like to correct my skin undertone but still have my face looking like skin.

Application is also important, I find that if I use a beauty sponge my makeup is pressed into my skin so lasts longer whereas if I used my brushes it can sit on top of the skin. You can even go back to the OG days of makeup and apply your foundation with your hands, this helps the product warm into the skin and melt in naturally.

My personal foundation favourites are all drugstore.

If I want a light / barely-there coverage then the Revolution Pro foundation drops are perfect for that wash of colour.

If you want Medium but buildable coverage then the E.L.F flawless finish foundation will have you glowing but still cover you.

If you want full to the god's coverage then the Makeup Revolution Fast Base Stick will give you a blank canvas but still have you looking human.

When it comes to BB or CC creams I find that some are just not worth the money, a lot of them are essentially moisturiser with a dash of pigment & it disappears within an hour.

The most often time I wear a BB/CC cream is either for work or on holiday. I want to look as natural as possible but still, feel covered & know that it will last.

My personal favourites are the I.T Cosmetics CC cream ( full coverage but can look like you have nothing on) they do this for all skin types It comes in Regular - for normal/combo skin, Illuminating for dry/dull skin & Matte for combo/ oily skin.

Another tried and tested is the NYX Cosmetics Skin Tint - BB Cream (a wash of colour but can last through anything) I always take this with me when I travel on my summer holiday. It's perfect for a natural sheer coverage but has the staying power to last for 12+ hours.

The type of base you use is down to your personal preference of what you want the end result to look like. If you want au natural or full coverage then that is down to you but It's about the quality of the base you use hence my recommendations. I have been through so many ugly breakups with foundations that I have my own list of favourites, you will also have yours & that's okay!


The setting of your makeup is personal to your skin type, but you wouldn't make a cake without baking it so why not finish the face?

The general rule of thumb is the drier your skin is the less you need to set, so if you are an oily person then you need to set that base in place.

I believe everybody should set a little bit as natural oils will break the makeup up as the day goes on, by setting you are slowing the breakup. I personally find the t-zone & under your eyes is a good place to start.

If you have dry skin then dust a little bit of pressed powder over your under-eyes & t-zone to lock in the base. If you find this too drying you can rehydrate the face with a setting spray.

I use the Jeffree Star x Morphe highlight brush with the Makeup Revolution Bake & Blot powder & Then finish off with the Makeup Revolution Hyaluronic Fixing Spray. If I feel I need a little more setting powder I dip my beauty sponge into the powder and press it into areas I need to last longer.

If you have normal/combo skin then loose powder in your t-zone with a sponge & any spots which move throughout the day with a brush. Pair it with a setting spray designed to help makeup last.

If you have oily skin then a bake might be for you. I find with oily skin the prime is more important than the set but the set sure does help it last. 'baking' is one of the most popular techniques to setting oily skin as it helps secure and locks in the base a lot more than just a regular set. If you would like a video demo there are thousands on YouTube, I highly recommend checking some out. Pair a bake with a mattifying powder & you will be saying "oil who"

I tend to set my base then apply my blush/bronzer & eye makeup then use a setting spray to lock it all in, I can then see if I need to further set any areas that look a little too shiny!

Touch Ups

Touch-ups aren’t always a necessary step in keeping your makeup on all day but sometimes life comes at you FAST & before you know it your makeup is breaking up midday & you need to know how to fix that.

The most common reason your makeup breaks up or fades is that there are oils sneaking through your makeup & breaking it apart. If oil is in 99% of makeup removers think of is as your face naturally sabotaging you. The best thing to do is mop up oil city & touch up the patches left in the glam. Usually, the reason these oils are seeping through is that you are using the wrong primer or base for your skin type, try switching to an oil-free primer or foundation.

For this, I recommend either blotting papers or a beauty sponge either work fine to absorb the oils and old makeup. The only thing is you need to religiously clean your ‘touch-up‘ sponge as it will become bacteria central.

Gently tap at the areas that are breaking apart to pick up excess oil. You’ll notice that the makeup needs a ‘patch repair’ & that’s where your secret weapon comes into it.

Foundation powder.

Yup, a little compact that has enough coverage to match your glam but is powdery enough that you don’t need to set it. I always carry a compact of powder foundation & a powder puff to apply it. My favourites are ELF pressed foundation & the Revolution Pro foundation powder.

Powder foundations can double up as concealers too just apply a double layer under the eyes for a midday pick me up. If you want to be extra AF carry a face palette to touch up bronzer/blush. But if you followed all the steps you won't have to worry about this as you have locked in your glam for the long haul.

So that is all my long-wear tips & hacks for you. This is my tried and tested method for getting my makeup to last for 12-16 hours. I work long ass hours so when I need my makeup to last I mean it has to survive through the wars with me.

Do you have any hacks or methods for getting the most out of your makeup? Let me know in the comments!


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