How to Make Money Blogging

Hey Beautiful, So you have a blog and want to take it to the next step?

I got you.

Blogging is a magical platform of endless opportunities, whether it be a hobby, a part time project or a full time venture. There are so many ways big or small that you can monetise and turn it into rewards.

Since I have been blogging I have used a self-hosted platform that costs monthly to keep it running so from the start I had decided I needed to earn revenue to make it self-sufficient.

I have tried a few different platforms and ways to monetise my blog and have now settled for what I prefer best i.e. what is more use friendly and what fits the theme of my blog the best without feeling over pushy / money grabbing.

Here are the different ways that you can make money blogging...

1. Google Adsense

Starting with the most popular amongst big bloggers and influencers ... Google AdSense is when Google Pay you a percentage to display their ads through your site. You implement either widgets or HTML codes into your site and the more people that click/view or visit your site the more you earn. However, It is not the easiest to add onto your site if you haven't got a clue what a HTML code is or how to embed them within your website.

The Pros -

Google AdSense pros is that it is a reliable company and you can also cross your adverts between platforms such as YouTube to gain revenue from all of your content at once.

The Cons -

You cannot get paid until you earn £100 / $100, which unless you have a large audience or high engagement will take you a very long time to achieve. They are also very difficult to implement into your website (If successful there should be one below this to show you what they look like) but again, it isn't the easiest to add to your blog.

2. Selling Private Ads

Some bloggers choose to sell advertising space on their blogs for a period of time, whether this is in the form of banners, links to their website, dedicated blogposts or links within emails. This is something that many bloggers opt for as it leaves complete control to the blogger themselves as to what is advertised on their website and for how long.

The Pros

Control over what is advertised and how it is integrated on your blog, how much you charge and how often the ads are shown to your audience.

The Cons

It’s not a steady flow of income as you may not always have people wanting to advertise via your website.

3.Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate links are my favourite / easiest way to make money through blogging. See that clickable item below this? That's an affiliate widget, it means that you can review products and if people decide they want to purchase the item its right there for them to click on, it takes them straight to the website to purchase and through the widget you gain a small commission off that purchase for your referral and its at no extra cost to the buyer.

To me affiliate marketing is the least pushy way to make money blogging, you are helping out your audience by having the things they are looking for right there and you make a lil dime off it too.

Affiliate Marketing comes in the forms of referral links, widgets (shown above) and discount codes. For example with Morphe when you use specific codes for influencers you get a discount on that purchase & whoever's code you use gets money from that purchase for directing you to their store. Crazy right?! But the only downside is you usually have to have a larger following to be given an affiliate code by brands.

Personally I prefer to use widgets or links for the convenience of my audience, I find that discount codes are a little pushy but its honestly down to personal preference.

The affiliate programmes that I use here on Beauty Basics are from two websites, Thats Amazon Affiliate ( Linked Here ) or Shop Style Collective (Linked Here).

Amazon works for me because I buy most of my stuff from Amazon so its easy to link it in my reviews that way, you can also get paid in Amazon vouchers which is Handy AF. Amazon also do not have a withdrawal cap so if you have earned £5 and want to use it to buy something off there you can! (which is perfect for smaller bloggers like me!)

Shop Style hosts multiple retailers like Boots, Superdrug, Macys and Barneys and you can link everything from beauty to clothes to furniture so it really covers just about everything else. the only downfall is that, similar to Google AdSense is that you cant withdraw until £100 and I have been using it for a year and I am nowhere near that point yet. But the widgets that you can make are aesthetically my favourite so I keep it, because its not all about making money its about making your blog easy access for all my beauty lovers. Lets be honest half the time I can't be bothered to trawl the internet for a product I have seen reviewed I want to be able to click on a review and the link be there!

Pros -

User friendly, Doesn't seem pushy to your audience. Great programmes for smaller bloggers. Easily displayed and traceable income.

Cons -

Not necessarily a con but if you do use Affiliate Links within your blog you do have to declare it on your blog, see (terms of use) for reference or message me if you are unsure how you need to declare this.

Most programmes have withdrawal limits of £100 so you cant rely on it for income unless you are using Amazon Affiliate.

Inserting Widgets isn't the easiest to do but there are loads of help sites on Google if you want to teach yourself!

So these are the main ways to make money through your blog, they aren't all the ways and they might not all work for you. Affiliate Marketing was the only way I found worked for me but Google AdSense could be what works for you instead! I hope that if you are looking to make the step into making money from you blog that you take these tips on-board because I would have loved a post like this when I started blogging.

Let me know in the comments if there are any tips / tricks into making money blogging that work for you, you never know you could help a fellow blogger out!


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