I bought 'Invisible' braces over the internet - Here is What Happened

So today's blog post is the first of a series, we are getting real about being an adult and deciding to get braces (again!)

When we think braces we grimace in horror at the idea of a big metal mouth and becoming Darlene from Finding Nemo.

So when I saw that I could get invisible braces I began googling who was cheapest, cause lets be real I want to look cute but I ain't made of money.

To give a little context, I had braces as a teen had the most perfect teeth in the world for all of a year. I never wore my retainer so I got a surprise when my wisdom teeth came through and my teeth started to move again.

Fast forward to 23-year-old Jade & although most of my teeth are straight my front teeth are starting to overlap and I hate them mainly because I spend my life on camera and scrutinise every flaw.

Finding Braces ( not Nemo)

So around 6 months ago I went to the dentist to explore my options for straighter teeth when I tell you I nearly ran for the hills when I got quoted £5000 for Invisalign. I was annoyed but also shocked because I only wanted to straighten my four front teeth.

But then somebody reminded me that I was the queen of dupes so why didn't I look for a dupe of Invisalign, so I did my research. Hours and hours of it because we don't play games with our teeth - I found a few companies but one really stuck out to me.

Smile Direct Club.

The Company

So, I decided I was going to pursue Smile Direct Club as they seemed the most reputable at less than half the price & then I realised the catch...you never see a dentist.

At first, the idea freaked me out, that was until the introvert in me squealed. No lengthy dentist trips & no awkward encounters. I ordered my home impression kit ( putty to make a mould of your mouth ) and within days I was told that I was eligible & that they could straighten the top & bottom of my teeth for only £1400, SOLD.

Naturally, I had questions like

Q "is an actual dentist going to make my braces?"

A yes, a UK registered orthodontist makes them.

Q "What happens if I get the braces and I am not happy?"

A within 30 days I can discuss with my dentist if I want to further my treatment and make refinements at no extra cost.

Every concern I personally had was addressed. I emailed my dentist for a few days discussing my dental concerns and the issues I wanted to fix & what I wanted my desired smile to look like & before you know it, I had a 3D model emailed to me. It showed me every step of the process and my final smile at the end, I almost cried.

With my dream smile in my sights, I only had to wear them for 6 months so I ordered my braces ( correct term 'aligners' ) and was told that they would be with me in 5 weeks. 10 DAYS later they were at my doorstep. Impressed is an understatement.

What Happens Next/Check In

So it has been two 1/2 weeks since my braces have been delivered & so far I am 8% through my journey. One thing I can tell you is that I do not miss the pain of braces one bit but I am starting to see my teeth move and the excitement is so real.

Nobody can tell I can have them in unless I tell them ( quite often I have to take them out for people to believe that I have them in my mouth.)

I love the discretion that comes with them.

So far my experience has been 100% positive but I will do a 3, 6 and final smile check-in with y'all to see how straight my teeth got in the end!


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