My In-Flight Essentials

Flights have the ability to make us compulsively pack everything from that dress that you haven't worn in 4 years to the winter coat that you might need if its cold outside in the Bahamas.

​Over the past few years i have been on more flights than ever and have narrowed it down to the essentials that i cant live without 36,000 ft in the air.

Johnson's Face Care Make Up Be Gone Pampering Wipes £3.19

Planes dry my skin out like the sahara desert so the key for me is to hydrate as much as humanely possible.

These wipes are the pampering wipes from Johnson's and leave your skin feeling like you've just had a facial.​ I also use these as part of my nighttime skincare routine to get the bulk of my makeup off.​ They're cheap too which is a deal breaker for me.

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Hydra-Firm Sleeping Cream £30

Whether or not I have sunburn or my skin has any issues or dryness I pull out this cream​ from first aid beauty.

Its a heavy duty moisturizer but is light on the skin that doesn't make me oily and repairs any dullness, dry or irritated spots my skin has.

It is a little pricey however i'm on my third tub and highly recommend is its one that you can see a difference in your skin in under a week.

Sephora Collection Eye Masks $5

When I get off a flight I always look like I haven't slept in 3 years, these brightening eye patches from Sephora normally save me from looking like a panda.

I pop them on an hour before landing with any eye cream and voila!

(tip: freeze them the night before your flight so they defrost and stay cool for when you need them)

Phone charger

There's nothing worse than having a dead phone at any time.

I always pack a charger and an adapter for my destination in case i need directions to my hotel when i get to the other end .

Water and snacks

Plane food is somewhat questionable.

I always buy the biggest bottle of smart water i can find in the airport and normally either a meal deal or enough snacks for a small army in case the food on the plane is something gross.

Spare pants and socks

If your luggage ever gets lost you will thank me for this one.

Sos kit

Mini Emergency Kit by Pinch Provisions $16

This bit is totally extra af however i always take a mini emergency kit from pinch provisions.

Its a tiny bag ( same size as your bank card) containing everything from deodorant to painkillers to tampons .

(they also do the cutest festival kits for £8 too)

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