The Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask Dupe

Stop the press, hold the door. This dupe is the one I have been the MOST excited about since I started blogging.

When I tell you I have been searching for a dupe for this product since the moment I purchased I meant it. The famous Jet Lag Mask that I cannot get enough of finally has a cheaper twin sister.

I will start of saying that although I have a dupe of this product it is not 10000% identical in formula, but it is the closest I can find to the effects of this mask without spending the heartbreaking amount of £42 a tube.

My skin has never looked better than when I have had the jet lag mask. I have been through 3 tubes in the past year. I mask with it, daily moisturise, prime, heal burns or dry patches literally I would bathe in it if I could. But whenever I mention it on my Instagram stories I get messages asking for a dupe and honestly I feel you on that. I can fuel my car up for a month for less than this face mask costs but honestly the price IS justified it really is that good.

I have been through around 8 or 9 different creams trying to find a dupe for the Jet Lag Mask and I am certain this is the closest we are getting.

So if you have no clue what I am talking about here is a little background on what this magic cream really is about...

Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask

Summer Fridays was founded by two super women Marianna and Lauren, as fellow bloggers they had tried hundreds and hundreds of face creams and masks and knew there was something missing from the market. Their mission statement is one that gives you goosebumps because they achieved exactly that.

" Even with cabinets, bins and boxes full of every type of treatment, we were still searching for something with good-for-you ingredients that gave our skin an immediate selfie-worthy glow.

  So, with a team of industry experts, we dreamed up our first product—a simple mask that would leave skin looking gorgeous whether you’re hopping off a plane or just running out the door."

There is literally nothing like it on the market, clean ingredients, immediate results, model like skin. I am literally in awe of the little blue tube of magic. But again, it isn't a product everybody can afford or not everybody has the budget to splurge on and I get that, so lets take a trip to the room next door to meet her cheaper twin sister.

Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre

I am going to keep it real with you French skincare is unmatched, The Embryolisse Lait Creme, created in the 50s took the world by storm, with people taking trips to France just to stock up, it went viral and is rumoured to have 1 sold every 23 seconds. It sits firm in the hall of fame when it comes to skincare. So when I began to compare the formulas and effects I noticed so many similarities. They both promise that dewy fresh skin, both are free from parabens, no artificial scents, packed with good for you ingredients.

The Lait-Creme sits firm in my makeup kit, I use it on all clients because its multipurpose it can be used as a face mask, a primer and even a makeup remover but why stop there? Many people including myself use it all over the body ( your elbows will thank me later)

I'm honestly shocked I didn't make the connection between these two sooner, they are so similar its crazy.

The lait-creme is thinner in consistency to the jet lag but sometimes the though of a thick mask on your skin is unbearable especially in the heat of summer so I lean towards the lait-creme in the warmer months.

But all in all these are two game changing creams which both have achieved cult status. Aside from the huge gap in price they both do the same job and both make you look like you have a natural glow.

Are there any luxury products you are dying to try but want a dupe for instead? Comment Below!


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